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 There will be new poems uploaded every day. I am inspired by just about everything in life. I am grateful that you have visited my website and decided to make a purchase. 


2015 Poem Collection by Versatile Onochie-Obayuwana 



 The Power Of The Three E's


 Natural Hair Part 1


 We All Want To Feel Loved


 I Do This For


 Bestiality Is Inhumane 


 I Miss


 If Only You Knew


 My Thoughts


 Culture Vulture


 The System


 If You Really Want Change


 My Love For My Empress


 It Was A Dream


 No Validation Needed

 Can You Help Who You Fall For?


 The Feelings I Have


 High Frequency vs Low Frequency


 Live Without Fear


 Public Lynching


 Nigga vs Nigger


 I Knew We Would Grow


 Time For Real Freedom


First Locked Eyes 


 Why Are You Following Me?


 Wake Up Part 1


 Rich Childhood


I Am 


 Black Power Movements


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