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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Friday, October 19, 2012 Under: Music Video Review
Review by @RealVersatile | @V1entertainment

Where do I start JJC Skillz is Nigerian artist who was in a UK music group Big Brovaz who had numerous hits. Years later he is back at it again this time in his native land Nigeria. To cut all the long story his new single "African Skank" is a certified banger, which is an Electro new skool Afro-Beat. I may not like the term skank anymore but this song and video has that feel good vibe to it. Naturally that is how we Africans are just people who want to have a good time. 

The video has an array of other talented individuals such as Ali Baba, Weird MC, Kate Henshaw, Goldie, DJ Sose, Wilson Alao, Funke Akindele, and a whole lot more. If you follow African entertainment then you would spot a lot more. The video consists of different dance moves my favorite is "The Masai". See I am not biased. But honestly I have this video/song on repeat. This is one of the songs that will tear up the club/rave scene for quite sometime it will take something major to knock JJC Skillz because when it comes to making hits he knows exactly what he is doing. I will give the song/video 5/5 MUST WATCH and then find yourself in the process trying to pull off the dances I know I did shamefully.

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