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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Thursday, November 1, 2012 Under: Album Review
Review by @RealVersatile  | @V1entertainment

Xzibit is what you call a "rap veteran" so when he released his latest album "Napalm" supporters already know what to expect. He is always raw, straight up gritty rapping from the heart and soul. For those who do not know Xzibit this album would be a nice introduction to what he is about.

He has features with new artists Wiz Khalifha, there is even collaboration with B-Real, E-40, Slim The Mobster, Game and more. I appreciate every single track but in tracks like "1983" and "State of Hip Hop vs Xzibit" he goes in 'arder than 'ard addressing certain issues. I am great supporter of real music, music with great content and this is what I call authentic real hip hop. Many may know Xzibit from "Pimp My Ride" but maybe just maybe with more and more real content surfacing he could help re-pimp the whole of hip hop culture in the mainstream. Especially if he working with Wiz Khalifha. Overall I will give this album 5/5 a must get for any real music person, someone who appreciate real content that is authentic. Download your copy here.

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