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World Cup fixed?

Posted by Versatile on Monday, July 19, 2010 Under: General


The world cup is finally over after so many heart-breaking games in the month between June and July current European champions, Spain became World champions, the only other team to do that was France.

With the world cup being held in the motherland Africa or to be more specific South Africa, it would have been nice to see to an African nation to finally lift the world cup for the first time. What got me agitated is in the group stages all African sides did poorly. Not only did they play poorly so did other sides such as England, France, Spain yes the winners played poor as well having lost their first match I had little doubt for them. Even Portugal yes they may have won 7-0 or whatever the score was but at the same time you could feel there was something dodgy about this world cup.

If I was not being serious than I would say England were the best side with Wayne Rooney eventually being the best player in the tournament…lol

On a serious level I am going to get straight to the point because I know not a lot of people like reading too much on the internet. Ghana was the best side they should have won and I am not being sarcastic after the last 16 they came out of their shell and they were disciplined unlike Nigeria that’s another blog if I can be bothered to write how one player messed up my countries chances…kmt


To sum up the whole tournament you can only look at ‘Paul the physic octopus’ and bad referee decisions. One game I have to mention err…err. Spain vs. Netherlands. If you watch the English Premier League you would know that Howard Webb does not deserve to referee a final such the world cup. Where ‘Paul the physic octopus’ is concerned has anyone heard we live in a world full of technology. You should only believe if you have first-hand evidence. Oh yeah before I forget he has retired lmao…That says it all




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