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Why people can learn from Amy Winehouse prevention and cure...

Posted by Versatile on Monday, July 25, 2011 Under: General
I have not wrote a blog for a long time but here we go...

Saturday was the day when I heard about Amy Winehouse's death. I was at my friend's/new engineer's house studio set-up. I quickly went on twitter and just randomly went on trending topics and I saw that Amy Winehouse Dead was trending. I clicked on it and I thought why do people have to make up these silly rumors.

So I then replied to someone on my timeline what is your source and their reply was I was just making a statement and I recieved a reply on facebook and I had people saying it was confirmed on the news and newspapers. My reply was just because it was on the news it is not valid proof. I switched it on the news and it was all over the news mainly Sky News and BBC News and I was just waiting to hear from a family member but all now their was none of that type of confirmation.

My point was I do not follow hear say it is better to hear from the person or someone who is close to person for real concrete evidence. 

We know that Amy Winehouse was a dug addict and alcoholic it was clear for everyone to see. She was out in the public limelight so no one can say that we never saw this coming. When one takes drugs and alcohol it because they want to block out the harsh realities of their life's and have fun.

Now that we have established the root we can provide a prevention which is when you have something on your mind speak to someone who your comfotable with. It may seem like it is a mad thing to do to others but talk to yourself if it helps talk to yourself in the mirror. Personally this has helped me when I had no one really to talk. Or maybe write down what is on your mind that also helps. Me being a musician it is a great tool and if your an actor, or writer sometimes your best work comes from that. Amy Winehouse proved that as Back To Black album sold millions and nearly everyone I know has heard and knows the lyrics to "Rehab" my favorite version was the remix with Jay-Z in fact that is when I first started paying attention to Amy Winehouse it was something about her voice and her pain that drew me to her.

Now we have the root and the prevention so let us look at the cure.

It is obvious alcohol and drugs are all around us and if your around an intelligent being then the best cure is to be around that intelligent being and NOT BUY DRUGS OR ALCOHOL whether that be pharmaceutical drugs or any type of alcohol. What amazes me how easy it is to gain access to such things. The supermarket like Tesco sell alcohol for cheap they always have offer on whether that be in the Express store, Extra, or main Superstore. They may put the ciggerite prices up but it is also easy to gain access to any other type of illegal drugs since the invasion in Iraq and Afghanistan, some can be purchased online...even the drugs that are legal are cheap in supermarkets yet again. So the cure is DO NOT BUY DRUGS OR ALCOHOL no matter how tempting it is. I would call for us to get the HM|Government to change the law and ban such things but they are the people behind this believe it or not.

My first blog in ages and I went in deep as usual. Don't forget you can browse the rest of my website and download my music and things of that nature. Thanks for reading. 


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