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What is an entrepreneur?

Posted by Versatile Onochie on Sunday, December 18, 2016 Under: Business

What is an entrepreneur?
Interesting question. What I thought an entrepreneur was, was someone similar to Sir Richard Branson. I am not sure at what age I first heard the word. But I remember clearly I wanted to be like Richard Branson. The guy was always smiling in every newspaper I saw him. So I guess it was not really a coincidence that my first ever mobile phone was a 3310 that was with Virgin. It was a pay as you go and I was very happy.

What was it that allured me into his brand? At that age if I am honest I was not conscious of branding. I was more concerned with being  a "normal" 13 year old. Ironically this was the same time when So Solid Crew had a major influence on my life. But that will be for another blog. However I will say this, the co-founder of So Solid Crew, Mega, is an entrepreneur.

The question still has not been answered. In a nutshell an entrepreneur is an individual who sets up multiple businesses and is financially successfully from those businesses. Sir Richard Branson to me is your ideal entrepreneur, he has created businesses that turnover millions. Other notable entrepreneurs are Donald Trump, Aliko Dangote, Jay Z, Kanye West, Mark Zuckerberg...etc

Nowadays the word entrepreneur is used very loosely. It irritates me. My journey would suggest that I am en route to becoming an entrepreneur but I am doing what I love. I am actually starting over, but that is for another blog. I do not want to drag this on. People that are making income from multi level marketing companies/network marketing companies are NOT entrepreneurs but business-people making sales on behalf of the company that was set-up from most likely an entrepreneur.

There is nothing wrong with being a business-person that makes sales on behalf of a company that was set-up by possibly an entrepreneur. After all I do as well. It is one of my income streams. For more details you can visit this link below and buy as many healthcare products as you please:

I have just re-registered V1 Coaching Ltd on 12th December 2016. I will explain in a different blog why I had to re-register and my personal business journey. But for now you can purchase shares into my company. I originally was offering 1,000 but after speaking with the formation company that helped me form my company, it was best I only issue out 500. Owning 1% of V1 Coaching Ltd, would mean you would own 5 shares. To buy shares please visit the link below:

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