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Welcome back English Premier League

Posted by Versatile Onochie on Saturday, August 8, 2015 Under: Sports

The English Premier League returns. If last season was a standard that Chelsea set themselves yet again, they will have to do even more better to retain the title, which without being biased I feel they are very well equipped to winning it again. They look strong in every department, no real change apart from the addition of Falcao and Begovic. Minus Luis who unfortunately could not hold his LB position. I am sure Chelsea will make another two or three signings before the window closes. 

Let me not make this blog about Chelsea Football Club. In truth I love football and so do you. You love the fierce rivalry. The contests between local derbies. Who will be the the champions? Who will be the top scorer? Who will have the most assist? And who will be in the Team of The Year. Last season Chelsea had a record breaking of 6. 

Bournemouth looked tasty in the Championship. But do they have what it takes to stay up? I think they do. 

Which leaves who are the title challengers? You can not deny the current champions Chelsea, Manchester City, they have added Sterling and Delph who are good additions but is that enough. But they do have Super Aguero when he is fit he is dangerous. Arsenal for the first time in a best part of decade are challengers. That is because Cech will save them 10-15 points. Irrespective of how they play he is a professional and if he can continue his good form which he showed at Chelsea, Arsenal fans will finally have a leg to stand on when they say they could win it. But one man can not win the league for them. They are prone to injuries but if they keep their main players fit and don't bottle it in big matches and against teams like Stoke, Bournemouth and other bottom half clubs then they will push Chelsea for sure.

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