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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Sunday, December 16, 2012 Under: Music Video Review
Review by @RealVersatile | @V1entertainment

KC is an artist affiliated with PDC Ent. Just to give you a brief insight in case you do not know, there was a time when UK Rap just seemed unacceptable and everyone was doing UK Garage or UK Grime, but PDC on the other hand were actually rapping to a slower tempo. PDC for me are like G-Unit they keep it all the way gutter always 100. Plus they just have a sound that immediately you know that is PDC. Now most of you probably would have heard of Jaja Soze and definitely DVS, well now it is time for KC to have his shine of cult success and popularity. Now that everyone in the UK is taking UK Rap serious.

This video has two songs "Smile On My Face" and "Time To Get It Straight". I personally like both songs his lyrics are just real. You can always tell the real from the fake and believe me if you want genuine music with artists talking about road life then KC is one of those artists I highly recommend to listen to and support. 2013 I see big things happening for KC. I will give the songs 5/5 and the video 2/5 as someone who films videos I would have made it more creative but who cares this is real music that is all that matters.

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Tags: "uk hip hop" "real music" "kc" "pdc ent" "smile on my face" "time to get it straight" 


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