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Posted by Versatile on Sunday, March 21, 2010 Under: Music

I had the privilege of going to see 50 cent live in concert in Wembley on Saturday 20th March 2010 for free as I were on the guestlist.  It was a fantastic performance I have to admit.  It took time for 50 to come on but when he came he made sure he was on point.

The opening acts where from the UK, the acts included Skepta from Boy Better Know, G-Frsh, and chart topping Tinie Tempah and a few others. I can only admire the way they handled the crowd of thousands of people. My wish is to be able to control the crowd the way they did it was brilliant.

Fif did not come on till around 9.00pm. He came on with G-unit members Tony Yayo and Llyod Banks. I personally felt the energy despite the fact 50 cent has we know he is not a lyrical type of rapper, but he makes sure he gives a really good performance.

Tony Yayo got the crowd going, which I reckon was a major part of the show. I could see many supporters around me bouncing and singing along. Fif obviously knows how to please the crowd, by performing most of his hits and interacting with the crowd.

If your starting out in this type of industry and looking for some inspiration to perform live in front thousands, whilst giving tons of energy. Then look no further 50 cent is one of the few names I recommend. These types are very rare especially in Hip Hop.

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