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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Tuesday, July 3, 2012 Under: Music Video Review
Review by Versatile

Dappy has finally release Tarzan 2 if you have seen the original one then you know exactly what you are install for. Since the original he has continued to dominate the charts.  
Again this video was directed by Morgan Keyz from SB.TV. So you know the video will be a hood type video. But Dappy being Dappy like the original video for Tarzan there is some comedy in it. I won't say much just watch. Personally I dislike auto-tune but regardless there is something about the way it was used and the lyrics he is saying that makes you want to listen. Even the same old haters will be listening and commenting and deep down probably like it.


Overall in my opinion I will give this song 4/5 and video 3/5 it could have been better. In the song he goes in on a few people like Bashy, Simon Cowell, and a few other names. Not sure why but I am sure it will get the people talking. But one person he failed to mention was MC Ultra or maybe we need play it again. Then again his 5 minute of fame is over and now we just brought it back up. The song is available to download from itunes as well as is debut solo album "Bad Intentions" which without a doubt in my mind it will definitely be in the Top 3.

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