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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Sunday, September 2, 2012 Under: Mixtape Review
Review by @RealVersatile | @V1entertainment

Let me start by saying I am very fortunate to come across real people who make real music. STP which stands for Stack That Paper & Struggle To Proceed consists of talented invdividuals Cassper, Timbo, Yung Talee, Clapz Capone, Rugez, and Moneyy Mitchell. This is their debut mixtape and it is hosted by DJ Kenny. 


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I would easily give this mixtape 9 out of 10. I appreciate the sound quality from the instrumentals to the way the vocals have been mixed. The only thing I did not like was the use of auto-tune on some of the tracks. But to be honest regardless whether I like auto-tune or not it fitted well. The content is what I call real music. You can feel the passion from the way they lay their vocals on each track. My favorite track is in fact I don't have a favorite because I feel like if I say one track then I have to mention another. If I was going to make any comparisons I would say this mixtape reminded me of PDC in 2005 the content and flow bares similarities but this original either way it is a good thing. I expect to hear more from STP  in future. Make sure get this mixtape and support that real UK raw talent.

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