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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Thursday, May 31, 2012 Under: Music Video Review
Review by Versatile

No Church In The Wild music video was finally released on 29th May. To be honest I never thought they would release a video for this single but I have to say this song is like an antherm for the London riots that was held between 6th -9th August 2011 although the album was released on 8th August 2011. I can also say this video also bares resembalance to chaotic days that in a way I saw coming due to how life is in the Western.

This video as stated in the video is directed by Romain Gavras. It also reminds me of Ill Manors by Plan B but this video seems to have some images that make you question and in the words of the great Fedrick Douglass "Power concedes nothing without great demand" and with the situation happening in the U.S with Justice for Trayvon Martin I believe this video is a perfect response. Many questioned why Jay Z and Kanye never spoke out publically but through art is the best way in my opinion. To sum up my review this video is something personally I will never forget and hopefully many others won't why because of how the police are, how the system is and seriously take a look at the riots at all riots this is exactly what happens. People are questioning why is there is an elephant in the video remember what the saying is about an elephant.

Overall I will say this video is worth the watch and hopefully this should at least stop all the ignorant comments about Hov and Ye in the so called Illuminati. I would give it 5 out of 5.

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