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Music royalty answering Versatile's questions

Posted by Versatile on Tuesday, December 6, 2011 Under: General
Never in my life did I expect Dealz aka Jackie Jackson son aka one of Michael Jackson's nephews to actually answer all my question I did not even expect the way he mentioned my name was like an uplifting feeling that can not be matched. Words simply can not be expressed some may say yeah but they are just human beings its not a big deal but to me its a major deal his family helped break down racial barriers through their entertainment and businesses. They have helped people realize what they can do with music. Michael Jackson was the first artist I literally liked from the get go its not hard to see why. Their family is one that many should be like loving, caring and a close unit. That is why it is a big deal to me they inspired many and will be doing for a long time to come. But here is the video I also want to add that if you want the truth about Michael Jackson or any of the Jackson family members "Jackson Truth Media" is the real place to go hear from them not anyone else:

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