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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Sunday, November 4, 2012 Under: General
Review by @RealVersatile | @V1entertainment

Where do I begin with the MOBO Awards 2012. Let's start with ever since So Solid Crew came and shone on stage sweeping up a lot of awards. The MOBOs have never been the same. Much like how the music industry is now. This is no disrespect to the organizers but this year was just plain shit. Nothing really memorable. I mean yes after So Solid there have been many shows where the performances were great but nothing special. This year I salute Angel, Emeli Sande, and Labrinth for rocking the stage. That Connor Maynard kid is decent but his performance could have been better visually. Stooshe my gosh I love them but their cover of Waterfalls by TLC was disappointing. I even believe Misha B could have done 10 times better. Wiley could have done better I know he can but with a song that is not from his Grime days there aint that energy so his performance wont be the same. Don't get me started on JLS, as for Trey Songz I personally don't like his new songs they all sound exactly the same as every other song you hear on radio these days.

That is the problem and that is where I am heading. No originality, no creativity in songs and even music videos these days in the mainstream so is it any wonder why year after year the MOBO Awards and many other Awards shows have been poor. 

As for the awards category Hip Hop/Grime like really you can't be serious. Let's break it down Hip Hop is a culture with 5 elements Rap being one of the 5 elements so technically Grime would fall under a sub-genre of Rap but it is also a lifestyle/culture. To see Wiley was nominated I really wanted him to win so that he can explain exactly what Grime is. After all he is one of the founding Godfather of Grime. But Plan B won deservedly so at least Plan B won awards because Ill Manors is a great song/album/film overall. But next time the organizers should do their research properly and break the categories.

I respect that there is an African music category however for not even 2Face Idibia, M.I., Ice Prince, Wizkid, Brymo, Seun Kuti not to be nominated felt like an outrage. As for the Reggae category Damien Marley should have won that.
But for any overall change to happen like I said at the beginning the content of the music, the whole sound needs to be original and creative. So much so they should inspire the next generation. This just goes to show there is politics in the mainstream music industry. It was good to see TLC and Dionne Warwick receive their awards. I almost forgot to mention about Miquita Oliver and Adam Deacon presenting. Adam did what did and I rate him. As for Miquita I felt as if she was parring him off on a next level. I used to watch her with awe when she was presenting T4 and the way she acted when presenting made her look ugly. There are so many girls that do that and honestly if your a female reading this and you do things like that or you have a friend that does. Change now or forever wonder why no man wants you or your friend. Back to the MOBO Awards I think they should hold back in London and get people who know how to perform and get the crowd going to perform. I want to add that on facebook the admin of the official Mobo Awards page photo misled me and others by saying "We miss our garage crew Official SO SOLID CREW– their performance of ’21 Seconds’ at the 2001 MOBO Awards was as crazy as this photo. We've got more than 21 reasons to look forward to this year’s performances..." 

It is good that we can celebrate success but if we can get back to the days when there was originality, creativity and real raw content then there should be no reasons why the MOBO Awards or any ceremony be poor. My ratings 2/5. 

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