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London Marathon gets your blood pumping

Posted by Versatile Onochie on Sunday, August 9, 2015 Under: General

M.I.A.'s drummer Kiran Gandhi, did not beat around the bush so to speak. She decided to run without a tampon and bleed. Yuck, disgusting. Just typing it sounds very off putting. However it was all for a good cause. She did it for those who can not can access to a tampon or any tools necessary for their mensuration. 

You too can run in the next London Marathon or New York Marathon, if there is not one in your area. You can set one up and raise for a cause that you believe in. The benefits of setting up or running in a Marathon, you get to test your level of fitness, make new friends and have a good time.

The best way to prepare yourself is to clean the inside of your body. I recommend the Clean 9. An easy step by step 9 day program that will help you detoxify your body within 9 days. You can purchase it by clicking on the picture below:

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