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Is B Howard bringing back real soulful music with his new single "DanceFloor"?

Posted by Versatile on Friday, November 25, 2011 Under: Music
Music nowadays in my opinion has lost the art and the ability to reflect on emotions. Until I came across B Howard. The video is cinematic and the song is very catchy. I am trying to write this without comparing him to someone else. But see and hear for yourself why I say B Howard is bringing back real soulful music and I hope he brings it to the UK. It is worth noting that he also has production credits working with Neyo to Ginuwine to Genevive Jackson to Missy Elliot so seeing and hearing working with greats must be inspiring. I know I would be inspired to sing and do my own personal music and share with the world if I was in his position. It is worth mentioning that he simply has a bloodline of musical talents and he has known Teddy Riley and many of Michael Jackson's production team ever since he can remember which he mentions being around Hayvenhurst home since he was little. 

Back to his music as his personal life is irrelevant...

"Dancefloor" is very reminiscent of Michael Jackson's "Thriller" opening scene in terms of the suspense and an up to date version of the choreography of "Rock With You" in fact you can hear a bit of Michael Jackson influence in his song. I did not want to compare but some how it is very hard not to especially the fact that I am a supporter of Michael Jackson. In no way am I saying he is trying emulate, I am just saying the influence is very evident the same way you see it in many artists such as Usher and Chris Brown when it comes to choreography.

B Howard's "Dancefloor" has a feel good vibe. It is produced by Grammy Award musicians such as James Poyser, QuestLove from The Roots and Benjamin Wright


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