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Posted by Versatile on Sunday, June 6, 2010 Under: Music

There is a saying that getting quick money always has something to do with a scam. However this is not a scam. To make quick money all you have to do is follow these simple procedures

Step One

Buy a blank CD and CD pen make sure you buy in bulk like 50 blank CDs. Also make sure you buy a CD case or sleeve all these you can purchase at local markets.


Step Two

Click on this link  to download whichever mixtape that you want to make money from. To start the download you have to click on the mixtape cover.

Step Three

Once download is completed all you have to now is to simply listen to the tracks and enjoy. Not forgetting to put the blank CD in your Computer/Mac drive and burn the mixtape onto disc.


Step four

Once the CD has been burnt, the next step is to use the CD marker pen to mark on the CD the name of the artist that is obviously Versatile, the name of the mixtape and please state on the CD


Step five

Sell it to friends, family or other for ANY price that you like has long as it is reasonable. All 100% profits are kept with you. However if you feel to need to share the profits with Versatile please click on this donate button.

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