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Hood Video Delay for single 'Whatz My Name? (Versatile Anthem)'

Posted by Versatile on Monday, March 15, 2010 Under: Music
In my previous blog I mentioned on Friday 12th March 2010, I was going to shoot a hood video thanks to a local entertainment company. 

Your probably thinking what is a hood video? A hood video is a basic music video generally used with one video camcorder, which is filmed in the local neighbourhood. These videos rarely have special effects you see in commercial music videos.

Ok let me tell you why there will be a delay. I turned up to where me and the entertainment company were supposed to be meeting, only to wait 30 minutes in the cold and realise that this was not going to happen. My main mistake was that I did not receive their number, but I gave mine and still no phone call even whilst you read this.

The unfortunate thing for this company is they lose out on a valuable contact and money.

That is why there will be a delay, but I promise you that there will be a music video for 'Whatz My Name? (Versatile Anthem)' as my company v1entertainments Ltd will be shooting very soon.  


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