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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Wednesday, July 25, 2012 Under: Music Video Review
Review by Versatile


Kleo is one half of a group/duo called Raw Perfection. I first came across Raw Perfection at either SMT Tuesdays or another event either way it was inevitable that eventually I would write a review/blog about them but never thought I would start of with Kleo. To cut all long reading this "Heart Beat" song and video is artistic. I like how bold Kleo is with her image and words. A lot of people can definitely relate to a song like this. 

This is an ideal commercial radio airplay song that needs to be heard. It has that great feel to it and there is no denying Kleo is on her way to more success whether solo or with Raw Perfection. I would give this 4 out 5. I would love to get her on a V1 Acapella Session one day.

In : Music Video Review 

Tags: "kleo" "raw perfection" "heart beat" "uk music" 


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