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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Monday, November 19, 2012 Under: Music Video Review
Review by @RealVersatile | @V1entertainment


 Not long ago I did a review on Black The Ripper's new mixtape "Black Is Beautiful 2" Now it is only right I did a review on his video for "This Is For" featuring another UK legend Dot Rotten. 

First of all this song is too real and the video is what I believe is making the UK scene look good. Filmed by SB.TV. With this video I feel there is more unity. There are a whole bag of artists and other affiliates within the industry. If you follow the UK scene you would recognize the likes of Bashy, K Koke, No Lay, Charlie Sloth, Lady Leshurr, Rodney P, even retired Lowkey made an appearance. There are a few more I let you do the finding whose in it. As far the video itself, it is very unique in the way I did not expect to see these people rapping Black The Ripper's words throughout the whole video. It is good to see people within the industry to support real raw talent. I give this video 5/5 it would be great if this video reached over 1 million before 2012 Gregorian calender is over. This Is For the people so make sure you support.

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Tags: "black the ripper" "dot rotten" "this is for" "uk hip hop" "real music" "bashy" "lady leshurr" "no lay" "charlie sloth" "k koke" "black is beautiful 2" 


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