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Posted by Versatile Onochie on Wednesday, October 10, 2012 Under: Music Video Review
Review by @RealVersatile | @V1entertainment

UK Emcee Casso Blax  is back with a brand new video/song "Ready To Go" the video is directed by Konstantin Ermakov and the music production by Rapsz Katai productions.

 I will get straight to the point when I call someone an emcee that is because they have skill that resonates with a varied demographic audience within the Hip Hop Culture. What I rate about Casso Blax is he is consistent and he works very hard. 

"Ready To Go" uses a sample from a very famous hit from John Legend who also make inspirational good music. The song is "I'm Ready To Go Right Now". The whole production is on point but the content and flow makes it a masterpiece of an art. To add the video has great effects. I would give the song and video an overall 5/5. It does not matter where you are on earth or in the universe everyone who is anyone can relate to this song.

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