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African Expert 17-18th December 2016 Sports Round up

Posted by Versatile Onochie on Monday, December 19, 2016 Under: Sports
Where do I even begin?

What a weekend it has been. Boxing and Football. I should say American Football as well. I was more focused on Football to be honest with you but one Boxing highlight stood out to me Bernard Hopkins vs Joe Smith Jr.

I am all for living the life you want but B Hop literally got knocked out the ring. I could not stop laughing not because he is old but because it made think of that scene from Rocky when Ivan knocked out Apollo Creed. As you can see below:

To be fair he did last 8 rounds so you have to give him credit. But his wisdom in the sport and his own legacy can not be tarnished so he can now pass that down. People on social media can be brutal. I was laughing hard at what many were saying.

Now onto football, Arsenal are back to where they feel comfortable which is 4th in the EPL table after their defeat to Man City. Which was surprising as they were 1-0 up inside 5 minutes. But football really is a game of two halves. Chelsea have a record of 11 straight wins in one season. Imagine what a year and change of manager does. 17th December 2015 they departed with Jose Mourinho and 17th December 2016 they win 11 games in a row. In other matches that stood out to me was Man Utd's it is fair to say Ibrahimovic is a world class striker. I thought it would take him a while to settle in this league but the stats don't lie. He could be like Teddy Sheringham still scoring at a old age at a high level. My game of the weekend was Leicester comeback after going down to 10 men. Vardy should not have been given a red. He got the ball it was a typical strikers challenge. If anything he should have just got a warning.

Should Wenger leave in the summer? Who would replace him?

Here is the results for the weekend and the EPL table:

I am loving how the table is looking at the moment. Being a Chelsea fan it sure does feel good but let's just take each game as it comes. As Matic said after the match we are not the favorites to win the league.

One of the most interesting thing I found out was that Wilfred Zaha has requested to now play for Ivory Coast rather than for England. Now imagine if the likes of Sterling, and other notable "Black" football players started playing for their "country of origin" where would England be? Better yet where would these other countries be?

African Expert Trivia: Did you know Ivory Coast is one of the countries that was/is colonized by France and they still pay the French government taxes?

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